1. One Person Per Room

You've got as much room as you need to let loose.


2. Sign The Waiver

You must sign on the dotted line - or on the iPad.


3. Select Your Weapon Of Choice

- Baseball Bat

- Sledgehammer

- Frying Pan


4. Collect Breakables

We'll provide a milk-crate stocked full of plates, glasses, and anything in between.


5. Armour Up

All supplied safety gear must be worn - for your own protection. Gear up and let loose.


6. Be Careful

Always follow safety instructions - swing away from yourself for maximum Smash Room destruction.


7. No Selfies

Photos are encouraged - from spectators only.


8. Smash Time

Destroy to your heart's content. Trust us, it's borderline therapeutic.




You Pay $50 Per Person

Book Here to secure a spot.


Each Session Is 20 Minutes

Take your time and break as many things as you can.


Unique Items On Occasion

First come, first serve. Sometimes we like to add in something extra-special to smash.


Have Something You Really Want To Break?

Contact us and we'll see what we can do to help you out.


You MUST Be Over 18 To Use The Smash Room

No exceptions. I.D. will be checked upon entry.


You MUST Be Alcohol Free To Use The Smash Room

Get out any repressed rage - then cool off with one of our drinks.