Your booking deposit is required for all booking of 15 or more participants ($440 or 25% of the total booking value –whichever is the higher) is not refundable for any cancellation within 30 days of your booking. Cancellations are not accepted less than 14 days, and the total amount of participants will be charged to the credit card used to secure the booking. Transfer of date requests within 30 days will incur a loss of deposit (not transfer fee) and be subject to any transfer fees attracted by any third-party providers.

Transfers will only be accommodated subject to availability of Valhalla and any third-party providers. Final confirmation of numbers attending is required at least 14 days prior to booking date and must be in writing. It will be assumed that the number of attendees is as per originally booked if we don’t receive this advice by 14 days prior. Prior to making payment, the approval of additional participants is subject to availability and capacity of any third-party providers.

Reduction of numbers is approved subject to minimum charges for total lanes originally booked (see minimum charges) within 30 days*.No refunds will be given for a change in participants within 14 days.*Please be advised that catering requirements are organised 14 days prior to your event, reduction in numbers will not be permittable after that cut off.